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Naomi Campbell says beauty industry still shying away from featuring black women

Campbell said women of colour are too rarely represented in beauty adverts. Credit: GQ

Naomi Campbell has said the beauty industry is falling behind on diversity by failing to show black women in adverts.

The supermodel spoke out as she posed with her rumoured boyfriend, grime star Skepta, 35,on the cover of GQ.

She said of having two black cover stars: "This is the new way, this is what it should be and how it should stay. We're not a trend."

Campbell hailed progress on diversity in fashion, saying that women of colour were increasingly included in major fashion advertising campaigns.

But she said "what's left to do now is (the) beauty (industry)".

"This is not an attack - we're just making you aware. Sometimes, people are so involved in their business that they've got no idea what the casting person is doing," she said.

"So you have to give them a little nudge and say, 'This is just a friendly reminder.'Then after a few friendly reminders, yes, it's more of a statement."

Campbell hailed change in the world of fashion. Credit: PA

Campbell and Skepta also talked about the #MeToo movement.

"For a long time, men were just running around taking the piss, but now the internet has given everyone a voice," Skepta said.

"For along time, men weren't respecting women. They weren't understanding mother earth, mother nature, the motherland, all the motherly stuff. And now we are."

The rapper,who says a female manager changed his life, said of the music industry: "Women are understanding their power, just like in every field of entertainment..... Now, I think you'll find a lot of rappers and artists are getting girl managers."

The full interview is in the April issue of GQ.