The para-climber and cancer survivor insping others with disabilities

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Most serious athletes had to overcome hurdles on the way, but Anoushé Husain has faced more than most.

Born with one arm and diagnosed with a serious tissue disorder in her teenage years, she then took up climbing after winning a battle with cancer.

Now she aims to compete for Team GB as a para-climber, and show others they don't need to be held back by serious illness or disability.

Anoushé has loved sport since her childhood - a passion that her parents encouraged as they thought it would help her maintain independence.

But she was devastated when she developed EDS - a painful condition that causes weakening of the tissues in her body - just as she began university.

Despite this, she managed to complete her studies.

But she was then diagnosed with cancer, which she says left her feeling desperate.

Climbing turned out to be a way to cope and leave her stress behind her.

“With all the health issues I’ve had climbing not just physical, it’s mental," she said.

"If I’m stressed or I’m tired or if I’m just angry at something going on. The wall is the best place to go."

Anoushé hopes her achievements will encourage others. Credit: ITV News

Now Anoushé is blogging and campaigning to show others that they can live full lives with serious health conditions - and embrace physical activities.

She said: "It’s OK to have really bad days and just want to sit in bed and not want to do anything.

"What’s more important is what you do after that moping

"Do you get back up and change your life, or do you stop and let it happen again?

"For me, I’ve chosen to get back up, no matter what."