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Donald Trump announces new tariffs on steel and aluminium

  • Video report by ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

The US President has announced steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium to address what he says is an "assault on our country."

Donald Trump said a 25% tax will apply to steel imports, and 10% will be added to aluminium brought into the US.

The president said the excess of imported steel and aluminium is a "travesty" and hurts American workers and industry.

In making the long-awaited announcement, Trump said the US industry has been "ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices".

"It's really an assault on our country," he said.

International trade secretary Liam Fox said the plans were the "wrong way" to tackle the problem

The UK steel industry has warned it could be badly hit by the plans, and the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said it would be "absurd" for the UK to be hit by the steel tariffs imposed by US.

Fox said the policy championed by Trump was "the wrong way" to tackle the problem of cheap steel being dumped on the US market.

The tariff could trigger a full-blown trade war if the European Union responds with countermeasures.

Trade body UK Steel said the tariffs could have a "profound and detrimental impact", while the Community union demanded action to protect British jobs and avoid a "global trade war".

Sources outside the White House said the tariffs will take effect in 15 days, with Canada and Mexico indefinitely excluded from the duties.

Those briefed on the plans say all countries affected by the tariffs are being invited to negotiate for exemptions, if they can address the threat their exports pose to the US.