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Designer recreating famous stadiums for table football

A graphic designer is turning famous stadiums into smaller-scale models for table football and selling them to clients around the world.

Martin Setula, from Argentina, makes the stadiums fit into classic football tables so that fans can play the game in their home ground.

They're being bought by everyone from football fans to well known players including ex-Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez.

Even Malaysian Prince Tunku Ismail Idris had one made to order of his favourite team's stadium.

Martin Setula ships around the world from his Buenos Aires workshop Credit: AP

Building a football table with the same design as a well-known stadium takes him at least a week and the price depends on the difficulty of the structure.

Mr Setula, who's project is called "Superclasico", wanted to make something unique and hand-crafted.

After he made the first prototype, he was contacted by football managers, players, athletes and even politicians who wanted their own models and the business has gone from strength to strength.

Sheffield Wednesday purchased a tiny version of their stadium. Credit: Martin Setula

After three years in the job, Setula says the best thing about making football tables is that they bring joy to people from all different backgrounds from all over the globe.

Spain's Real Madrid, Mexico's Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz and England's Sheffield Wednesday are some of the teams who've purchased tiny versions of their stadiums.

Martin said: "There's a little child inside of us. The scope of a football table is so wide because there is no age, there is no sex, no religion, there is no politics, there is no language, we all play and we all have fun."