Promotion for Prince Charles aide Michael Fawcett in shake-up of his charities

Prince Charles has promoted one of his members of staff who once resigned from his job with the Prince in a shake up of his charities.

But the shake-up will see others lose their jobs.

The Prince of Wales said he had "reflected" on his various good causes and trusts as he approaches what he called his "own milestone".

Charles is 70 later this year. He is streamlining 21 various charities and trusts into four areas which could cut running costs by close to £1 million pounds.

But that means several staff will face redundancy.

And Michael Fawcett, the Prince's former valet, has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive of one of the new larger charities, The Prince's Foundation.

The Prince of Wales is carrying out a shake-up at his charities. Credit: PA

The Foundation will be responsible for the work of four current charities: the Prince's Regeneration Trust, The Prince's Foundation for Building Communities,The Prince's School of Traditional Arts and The Dumfries House Trust.

Previously, Fawcett was the CEO of just Dumfries House.

Clarence House said Fawcett's £95,000 salary has not been increased following the promotion. But he has received a pay rise within the last year.

Accounts show his salary was £85,000 at the end of March 2017.

Royals sources said the rise was categorically not connected to the new role.

But Fawcett's own events and catering company will continue to bid for work from various Royal Palaces and members of the Royal Family.

Michael Fawcett in 2004, the year after he resigned from his post. Credit: PA

Premier Mode Ltd, of which Fawcett is a Director along with his wife Debbie, provides food, staff and events for royal functions.

Last year, while Mr Fawcett was the boss of Dumfries House Trust, the Trustpaid his company £192,000 for events and consultancy work.

There is no suggestion of anything untoward about that.

But when asked if Fawcett's company will be able to profit from his new role as CEO of the enlarged Prince's Foundation, Prince Charles' office said that Premier Mode would not be working with the new charity.

Dumfries House is a project close to the Prince’s heart which has transformed a community in Ayrshire.

Michael Fawcett has been a close aide to Prince Charles for many years.

In 2003, he resigned from his post.

An internal inquiry cleared him of financial misconduct after he was accused of selling unwanted royal gifts.

However, he continued to work for the Prince on a freelance basis and most recently he has overseen the redevelopment of Dumfries House in Ayrshire.

Fawcett has been promoted to Chief Executive of The Prince's Foundation. Credit: PA

Fawcett will run the new Foundation from Scotland as it focuses on the Prince's interests in communities, architecture and traditional craftsmanship.

The review of the Prince's charities also recommended merging the domestic and international branches of The Prince's Trust for disadvantaged youngsters.

It also creates for Charles a new role as Royal Founding Patron for eight other charities.

And he will continue to give grants - like the £52 million in the last ten years - through The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

The prince himself, in a message to the charities, stressed there was no"stepping back" or "downsizing".

Instead, he called it a way to work to "even greater effect".

And Clarence House aides denied the review was connected to Charles' preparations for becoming King.

He is taking on more and more work on behalf of his mother, The Queen, who will be 92-years-old in April.