A "very drunk" thief who stole the head of a Lego statue, returned it three days later apologising for their crime.

The guilt-ridden Lego thief "mindlessly" beheaded the figure that has stood outside a toy shop in Cirencester for eight years last Friday.

Mark Mitchell, 50, owner of Crocodile Toys, launched a social media appeal for its safe return.

The decapitated head of the Lego mechanic turned up on the toy shop's doorstep on Monday, with a handwritten note saying: "Sorry was very drunk xxx".

The headless body of the Lego mechanic. Credit: SWNS

Mr Mitchell, the shop's owner of 10 years, said: "It's a very heavy object and moving it is no small feat.

"All I can say is that it was stolen mindlessly - even if those responsible were drunk.

"I'm just relieved to get the head back.

"I think the person who did it was a bit embarrassed after word got about so at least they had the decency to give it back.

"He's now back in place and fixed up again.

"Our Lego man has been outside for eight years and is great for the people of Cirencester and tourists, who love to be pictured with him."