Motorists face huge hike in parking charges as councils attempt to plug funding gap

Councils are considering increasing parking fees by as much as 45 per cent, a new report has revealed.

Motorists could face the hike in charges as councils across the UK attempt to plug severe funding gaps.

A report by the Local Government Information Unit suggest as many as half could increase the cost of residential and visitors spaces by as much as 45%.

Some are reportedly considering introducing Sunday charges.

But there are concerns the parking hike will have a negative impact on local businesses.

Alex Wild from the TaxPayers' Alliance told ITV News: "Councils might be shooting themselves in the foot here. In the next few years they're going to be allowed to keep all of the revenue they raise in business rates.

If it's becoming so expensive for people to go out use the shops there could be knock on effect there, with business rates falling."

Tom Jenkins, a carer from Bournemouth told ITV News: "Us carers, we go round and park, taking kids on days out and stuff like that, and we don't get it refunded. It comes out of our pocket, so it would hit us quite hard."

Councils said parking fees are going up as the cost of maintaining the roads is increasing. They are also struggling to find budget for all the other services they provide at a time when their funding is being squeezed.

A recent survey said a third of councils are planning to charge more for meals on wheels and social care.