The Big Lunch - Commonwealth style

The Duchess of Cornwall was met with flags from across the Commonwealth. Credit: Pool

There has been a lot of news about the Commonwealth this week – with Meghan Markle appearing on Monday for the first time alongside The Queen at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

And as we head towards the Commonwealth Games later in March and the summit of Commonwealth leaders in London in April, you’ll hear plenty more.

On Tuesday, however, there was a much smaller Commonwealth event in a school in a corner of Walthamstow in East London.

But from the Commonwealth flags the children were waving with such enthusiasm, it was clear they were expecting someone unusual for lunch.

Schoolchildren made breads from across the Commonwealth. Credit: Pool

The Duchess of Cornwall is Patron of The Big Lunch – a charity project which brings people together to share food and friendship.

More than nine million people did as much last year.

And right now, it’s helping to celebrate the Commonwealth.

At Barn Croft Primary – where there are 25 different languages spoken - Camilla helped them to share food and friendship from across the Commonwealth of 53 countries.

And the children knew more about the various flags of the member countries than I did.

As well as The Big Lunch, the schoolchildren enjoyed a big cake. Credit: Pool

The Duchess of Cornwall helped them to bake Australian Olive Damper Bread and Indian Naan bread – before giving the school a rather big cake.

The Duchess said the Big Lunch was a “wonderful way of getting people together”, and that it can help “lonely people who probably never see anybody from day to day” who can find friends.