Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen dies aged 80

  • Video report by ITV News reporter Martha Fairlie

Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen has died aged 80, his agent has confirmed.

The comedian was best known for presenting the 1980s and 90s darts-based game show which ran for 14 years on ITV.

Prior to his career as a comedian and broadcaster, Bowen was a deputy headmaster.

Bowen also worked as an actor appearing in television programmes such as Jonathan Creek and Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.

Bullseye which attracted peak audiences of 20 million when it was shown made Bowen's catchphrase "keep out of the black and in to the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed" famous.

The game show was known for its elaborate prizes on offer as well as Bowen's wit as he gently let down those who did not earn the top prize on offer by saying "now look what you could have won...".

Tributes have been made to the iconic TV presenter: