'This is how we live': Film maker records life underground during eastern Ghouta bombing

Syria's civil war has been raging for seven years.

The conflict has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and there appears to be no end in sight.

In the besieged rebel-held eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, families are seeking refuge underground - sometimes for weeks at a time - in a bid to escape the shelling.

Among them is film maker Humam Hasari, who has been documenting the conflict for ITV News since its inception.

Humam's footage captures what everyday life is like for people under constant siege, forced to seek refuge in tunnels and basements.

The making of charcoal face masks to protect against possible chlorine attacks is now done alongside the preparation of evening meals.

"It's just something to feel that we are doing something to protect ourselves from any possible chlorine gas attack," Humam said.

The Syrian film maker says that despite the danger, the threat of being targeted by drones stops them from attempting to leave the area.

"Usually people could move a little bit at night and sometimes during the day, but now because of the drones they capture any movement and will be targeted immediately," Humam said.

His footage shows the conditions underground in which around 70 displaced residents are living.

Women fashion make-shift face masks in a bid to withstand chlorine attacks.

Humam also captures the sense of community in the dark recesses of the basement where the residents work together to survive.

In one video entry, residents have gathered in a tunnel after shelling nearby.

As Humam explains the current situation, the tunnel is then suddenly rocked by shelling leaving the children crying and afraid.

Many people remain trapped in the district and are seeking refuge underground.

"We were just sitting waiting, fearing we could be next. But at least we are all still alive," one young boy said.

He added: "At least I can bear it. The little kids cannot bear it."

Buildings ablaze in eastern Ghouta.

Walking back up to ground level, Humam's footage shows buildings ablaze and the efforts to put the fire out. He explains the emergency services have been called but are unable to help.

Most residents in Ghouta are living in fear for their lives.

Speaking in the days after the filming, Humam explains there is no let up for the civilians in eastern Ghouta.

"The regime forces has been advancing, most people are displaced now, the basement are overloaded, we had to flee our basement, I had to leave my wife in women’s basement, and I spent last night alone.

"All I want is to keep safe until safe evacuation is an option."

Some people in eastern Ghouta hide in tunnels and basements.