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MBE nurse, 93, describes heartbreaking hospital stay after being left in corridor for six days

A former nurse honoured for services to the NHS has described her "horrendous" experience after being left in a hospital corridor - for six days.

Enid Stevens, 93, was forced to wait on a hospital trolley for nearly a week in excruciating pain after breaking her back.

Ms Stevens MBE described to ITV News in an emotional interview how she was left soaking wet from top to toe when she became incontinent.

The former nurse joined the NHS 75 years ago but came away feeling "humiliated" following her stay at St James's Hospital in Leeds.

Ms Stevens MBE described the experience as 'humiliating'.

Ms Stevens broke down in tears as she told ITV News about when she first arrived at the hospital in agonising pain.

As she could not be seen Ms Stevens was placed on a trolley in a corridor.

"I was left alone for hours and hours. Incontinent - I could not stop it," she said.

"I was wet down from my neck and all my clothes were absolutely soaking. It was terrible."

Ms Stevens said scenes in the hospital were "horrendous" and described hers as a "humiliating experience".

The former nurse is now convalescing back at home.

Having spent six days and nights in the corridor, Ms Stevens is now back at home with her daughter.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has apologised for her experience.

Chief Executive Julian Hartley said: "Unfortunately there are pressures form across the whole health and social care system.

"Ms Stevens was cared for in a non-designated bed space for longer than is acceptable and I am sorry that we weren't able to move her to a dedicated bed space during her stay."

Ms Stevens said she knew that hospital staff "do what they can".

But she said that pressures on the NHS across the country were becoming overwhelming.

"People above, way above, need to come to St James's University Hospital and look and see what's going on," she said.

"Why is it happening like this? I tell you why, it's because you've shut down all the convalescent homes."