Dreaming of a white Easter? More snow could be on its way

Is spring finally here? Credit: PA

Don't ditch the winter wardrobe just yet.

After a eventful winter and start to Spring with several snowy episodes - not to mention the Beast From The East week of intense heavy, drifting snow and unusually strong unbearable wind chill - it looks like Spring time warmth is a while off yet.

Early signs are of a cold weather to dominate our weather through Easter weekend.

Detail on temperature and potential for snow will become clearer in the coming days.

People walking in the snow by Tower Bridge Credit: PA

This is not as unusual as you'd first think.

Statistically we're more likely to get snow at Easter rather than Christmas.

Last time we had cold conditions and snowfall over Easter was in 2013.

It looks like March will end up being colder than January.

Last time this happened was 2013 and 1983. It also happened several times in the 1970s and 60s. Unusual but not unheard of.

It's more that we're over the cold - Spring hasn't sprung and no intention of doing so, for the time being at least.