'I woke from a heroin fix to find a rat eating my arm'

Jane's arm. Credit: ITV News

Waking from a heroin fix in Glasgow one morning, Jane found a rat chewing on her arm.

The 29-year-old has spent two years addicted to the powerful drug.

"I couldn't cope with life... I thought if I took that [heroin] I would die, that would be my easy way out," she told ITV News.

"But I don't want to die now, but I've ended up with this habit."

Jane is homeless and just one of between 400 and 500 people injecting in Glasgow's city centre.

They take to the backstreets and dark alleyways, often sharing needles - something which has contributed to an HIV outbreak in the city.

Glasgow's HIV spike was first detected three-years-ago, and it is now considered the worst outbreak in the UK for 30 years.

Jane herself has caught Hepatitis C from sharing needles and knows of "a few boys and girls" who have got HIV from doing the same.

The city's council wants to open drug consumption rooms - where users can inject drugs in safe environments and with medical supervision - to combat the rising HIV levels.

While the Scottish Government supports drug consumption rooms, drug laws remain the domain of the UK Government.

The Home Office has so far refused consumption rooms, so if there were any, users could be arrested for possession of drugs, while staff could be arrested for assisting drug use.

For now, the drug consumption rooms of Glasgow remain the city's backstreets and alleyways.