1. ITV Report

Syrian government troops close in on besieged eastern Ghouta

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

The Syrian army now has a stranglehold on rebel-held enclave eastern Ghouta, having taken control of 70 per cent of the area in ferocious fighting in the past month.

The rebels were driven out of the suburb of Saqba at the weekend. The people who remain in this town seven kilometres from the capital are reliant on aid given out by the government as they attempt to carve out a life among the rubble.

One resident told ITV News: "People are tired after seven years of fighting, of bombing. Our building, our shops, our jobs, all is destroyed. This is my town. This is my home."

The deserted rebel-hospital. Credit: ITV News

A former rebel underground hospital, once a vital part of Syria's uprising, is now deserted after rebels fled, leaving behind the equipment in their haste.

One former doctor at the hospital told ITV News: "Of course I miss the hospital, but I'm still here to help people. I'm going to help my people in everywhere in this world."

People who remain are relying on government hand outs. Credit: ITV News

Soldiers now occupy many of the high buildings surrounding the town as incendiary bombs continue to rain down on what is left of eastern Ghouta.