MP Jess Phillips threatens to 'cut up party membership card' over Labour's treatment of sexual harassment victims

Outspoken MP Jess Phillips has threatened to quit the Labour party over its treatment of sexual harassment victims.

She was responding to a claim by party activist Ava Etemadzadeh that Labour would require her to face "live questions" from Kelvin Hopkins, the Luton North MP she accuses of inappropriate behaviour.

Responding in support of Ms Etemadzadeh, Ms Phillips tweeted that she would "cut up my Labour party membership card" over the issue.

As part of the party's investigation it appears Mr Hopkins will be allowed to submit questions to his accuser.

But Labour guidelines state the two should not meet face to face, and a later tweet from Ms Phillips indicated this rule remains in force.

Nonetheless, she vowed to investigate, saying there were "serious questions to ask" about the party's procedure for dealing with harassment allegations.

Mr Hopkins denies the allegations by Ms Etemadzadeh (right)

Ms Etemadzadeh has told how she has been left upset by Labour's investigation into her allegations that Mr Hopkins had sent her inappropriate texts and had rubbed his crotch against her during an embrace at a political meeting in 2014.

Mr Hopkins says he "absolutely and categorically" denies the allegations and wants to clear his name.

Mr Hopkins is also facing accusations from fellow Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy, has accuses him of inappropriate behaviour, saying he sent her cards and letters commenting on her appearance, including one in which he described having a dream about her.

In a statement from November last year, Mr Hopkins said Ms McCarthy's complaint had caused him "immense personal hurt and utter dismay".