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Ferrari driver Matthew Cobden jailed over crash that killed 13-year-old passenger Alexander Worth

Matthew Cobden, 39, crashed a Ferrari which killed Alexander Worth. Credit: PA

A Ferrari-driving businessman has been jailed over a crash which killed his 13-year-old passenger.

Matthew Cobden, 39, was handed an 18-month prison sentence following the death of Alexander Worth in North Warnborough, Hampshire.

Neither Cobden nor Alexander had been wearing seat belts when the £1.2 million supercar hit a post and threw the pair from the vehicle in August 2016.

Jurors heard the Ferrari crashed because of a "simple human error" in a farm lane.

On Monday, Cobden was jailed at Winchester Crown Court having previously been convicted of causing death by careless driving.

Neither Cobden nor Alexander were wearing seatbelts. Credit: PA

The trial heard that Cobden, who runs a storage business for classic cars, had been moving the Ferarri when he was approached by Alexander and his mother's partner.

The pair asked if they could have a photograph of teenager with the Ferrari, at which point Cobden offered to give him a ride in the car.

Cobden told the court the supercar later "accelerated uncontrollably".

But prosecutors said the crash was down to "simple driver error - in other words, his driving fell below that required of a careful and competent driver".

Cobden broke down in court when he gave evidence.

Cobden has also been banned from driving for two years. Credit: PA

Sentencing, the judge said that "nothing that this court can do can bring Alexander".

Judge Keith Cutler said: "You decided to to put your foot down, the Ferrari was unnecessarily in second gear, it could have been in first gear, and you put your foot down in order to cause a thrill for Alexander, you were showing off, that is the explanation for the accident and its consequences.

"In accelerating such a powerful vehicle, you lost control of it.

"Your evidence was that while you were experienced in driving such cars, the surge of power took you by surprise."

Cobden was also banned from driving for two years.