Messages of support flood in after seven-year-old told she'll never be a mechanic because she's female

Seven-year-old Mia Hosking knows exactly what she wants to do in life - and that’s follow in her father’s footsteps working in anything related to motorsport.

From the sheer excitement of banger racing to the satisfaction of fixing cars, Mia wants to do it all.

But, her dreams were knocked recently after being told by a fellow pupil that she’ll never be a mechanic because “she’s a girl”.

Her father David who used to race and now runs a garage, was left frustrated by the remark and posted on Facebook asking the racing community to offer their support. And they did not disappoint.

World finalist racer Sophie Fasey told Mia, “My dream was always to race and to qualify for the biggest meeting of the year, I also spend all my life with cars, vans and mechanical as my job. Follow your dreams and I can guarantee they will come true."

Stacy Lightfoot raced for eight years and encouraged Mia to "do what she wants" and follow her dreams.

Robyn Bruce told Mia to ignore the comment: “I raced minis against loads of boys. I’ve been going to the racing since I was a few days old and I’ve always loved going. It’s your life, you choose what you do!! I’ve had set backs but don’t let it get to you. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it because girls can do as well as the boys.”

The sentiment was echoed by Courtney Weston who posted, "Follow your heart young lady, never let anybody tell you different.”

Mia being shown around a banger car by her father. Credit: David Hosking

Liz Dicken commented on the post saying she had experienced similar jibes but told Mia not to be disheartened. "I’m 15 years old and already earned myself a job as a mechanic on a prestigious race team and pit crew for cooper minis/bmw touring cars."

“Do not let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do something!", posted Sophie Daughtry.

"Prove them wrong! I'm the only female on my level 2 mechanics course and I work as an MOT tester! Alongside that I'm also 1 of 3 female stock rod drivers, unfortunately we've all had these comments but go for it!! You'll do great!!”

A younger Mia trying on a motorcycle helmet. Credit: David Hosking

David told ITV News that Mia has been attending races since she was a toddler.

“She always asks me – how many sleeps until I can race? I just don’t want her to think she can’t do it because she’s a girl. Gender has nothing to do with it.”