'What looks impossible can become possible': Support network key to helping those with Asperger syndrome into employment

Only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment, although the majority say they would like to be.

Corey, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome - a lifelong developmental disability - just after leaving secondary school, told ITV News that what it takes to make that happen is a good support network.

And Corey himself is proof of that. Since his diagnosis, he has achieved a first class degree and finished his first year in employment at Dimensions, helping others with Autism.

But he says he was lucky that when he decided to enroll at his local college, "they put together a fantastic support network for me".

"I think building that right support network around you is so important, and you cannot put a price on that," he said.

"I mean, certainly once you get diagnose and you get the right support network around you, and if you can build up a good relationship with those people, all of a sudden things that looked impossible before can all of a sudden become possible."

Asperger's affects how people experience the world, but the condition can vary markedly.

About 700,000 people in the UK are thought to be autistic.