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Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson suspended from Twitter

Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has had his account suspended on Twitter.

The account is no longer visible on the platform to other users.

It is understood that Mr Robinson's account was removed for violating the social media platform's policies on "hateful conduct", however it is not clear what specific incident triggered the suspension.

This is not the first time Robinson, who left the EDL in 2013, has had his Twitter account suspended. He was also temporarily removed from the platform earlier this month for seven days before his account was reactivated.

Twitter has declined to comment on whether the suspension is permanent or not.

Credit: Twitter

The controversial activist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was one of a number of right-wing figures to lose his verified status on Twitter in November when the network issued new guidelines for 'blue tick' accounts following public pressure.

The symbol was introduced as a way to confirm that the accounts of influential people were genuine.

Following the removal of his blue tick, Robinson wrote to followers, "They remove my blue tick meanwhile Islamic terrorist organisations still have theirs. Go figure."

Supporters of the ex-EDL leader have been vocal on the social media platform, using the hashtag #IAmTommy and setting up new accounts in his name

The now suspended account had over 400,000 followers when it was de-activated by Twitter.

Mr Robinson's Facebook page still remains active.