Artist behind infamous Cristiano Ronaldo statue decides to try again

Cristiano Ronaldo bust which drew some fairly unfavourable comparisons online. Credit: PA

The sculptor who made the now legendary Cristiano Ronaldo bust has tried again.

The Ronaldo statue hit the headlines in March last year after its unveiling at Madeira Airport.

It drew some fairly unfavourable comparisons on social media, with some people saying it looked like former Sunderland and Man City striker Niall Quinn.

But sculptor Emanuel Santos has created a more traditional interpretation of the footballer after an American website challenged him to give it another go.

In an emotional interview, Mr Santos told Bleacher Report that mockery of his initial work upset his family and made him feel "isolated".

But despite the furore surrounding the bust, Santos remained defiant.

The work also received praise, not least from Ronaldo himself.

"I liked the result [of the first bust] and was really proud of it.

"And if I had to do it again, I would make everything exactly the same," Santos said.

Cristiano Ronaldo bust was on unveiled last year and praised by the footballer himself. Credit: PA

The first bust was revealed in March last year at a ceremony to name Madeira's airport after Ronaldo.

The original work, which took Mr Santos fifteen days to complete, will remain on permanent display outside the terminal entrance.

The artist has continues to sculpt many other famous faces including Real Madrid's Gareth Bale.