A pensioner who was arrested after an intruder was killed during a suspected burglary at his home will not face any legal action.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, was arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of 37-year-old Henry Vincent.

Vincent, along with another suspect, were armed with a screwdriver when they broke into Mr Osborn-Brooks's home in Hither Green, southeast London, in the early hours of Wednesday.

During a struggle in the kitchen, Vincent was stabbed in the upper body.

Scotland Yard said on Friday that they had reviewed the evidence and, following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, had decided not to proceed with any charges against the pensioner.

Henry Vincent was wanted for another burglary. Credit: SWNS

Following his arrest, there had been cries from different quarters for Mr Osborn-Brooks's release.

It subsequently transpired that Vincent had been wanted over another suspected break-in at a pensioner's home.

The Metropolitan Police's DCI Simon Harding said: "This is a tragic case for all of those involved.

"As expected with any incident where someone has lost their life, my officers carried out a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the death.

“We have approached the CPS for early investigative advice, as required under the guidance.

"We have received and considered that advice, and, at present - on the evidence available - we will not seek a charging decision. Therefore, no further action will be taken against the man."

The second suspect fled the scene and has yet to be found.

Police have not yet found the second suspect. Credit: PA