Naturally pink KitKats to be released in the UK

KitKat are hoping to tickle your tastebuds with their naturally pink chocolate bar.

Ruby chocolate, which has a distinct berry flavour, was launched in China last year but is being brought to the UK next week.

The sweet treat is coated with ruby chocolate, which is the fourth new flavour to ever be invented from a bean after dark, milk and white.

Nestlé was one of the first to release the new taste by launching their Chocolatory Sublime Ruby KitKats in Korea and Japan.

British customers will be the first in Europe to savour the four-finger wafer, which gets its colour from special cocoa beans that taste like berries.

There are no added flavours and colourings in the unique bar. Credit: Nestle

These beans are found in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil and don't contain any artificial flavours or colourings.

Swiss confectionary experts Barry Callebaut spent over a decade tapping into the bean's unusual taste and colour to create the chocolate.

The company have described the rose-coloured treat as "a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness".

The pink chocolate is layered through the bars just like the original. Credit: Nestle

This isn't the first unusual KitKat flavour that Nestle have launched.

They have also trialled lemon drizzle flavoured bars, and the Kit Kat Chunky now comes in a New York Cheesecake variety.

Original KitKats retail at around 60p, but you may have to stomp up a little more for the ruby version which has a recommended retail price of 85p.

The new bars can be bought exclusively at Tesco stores from next week.