Prince Harry launches 'Walk of America' as he becomes patron of expedition

Six military veterans from the UK and US will walk 1,000 miles across America this summer.

They were joined at the launch of Walk of America by Prince Harry today, who spends a lot of time with wounded and injured service men and women.

The team, who suffer from a range of mental and physical health problems, will walk through some of America’s most iconic cities, starting on the west coast and finishing on the east.

Two of the three UK team members are currently homeless.

The third is about to be discharged from the Army with physical injuries.

One of them, Kevin Carr, stood up at the launch and said that just months ago he was sitting on a cliff top considering taking his own life.

  • Kevin Carr speaks at the launch of the 'Walk of America' expedition

Prince Harry believes that more could and should be done to encourage former military personnel to recover together – just as they used to serve together in places like Afghanistan.

He said: “Our armed forces share a special bond… I have always felt that the experiences we share in conflict provide a stronger support system in recovery”.

  • Prince Harry speaks at the launch of the 'Walk of America' expedition

Ed Parker, the co-founder of the charity, Walking with the Wounded, said the walk will demonstrate “the resilience and determination of those who have served”.

A similar walk around the UK was completed by a team of veterans in 2015 with a similar aim – to encourage a better understanding of veteran mental health.

In 2011, Prince Harry completed a four-day trek with a team of former military personnel which went on to reach the North Pole.

He also did a similar walk in 2013 and reached the South Pole.