A birthday shrine has been erected in memory of Henry Vincent outside the home of the pensioner whose house he broke into.

Mourners stuck flowers and balloons outside the Hither Green property to mark what would have been Vincent's 38th birthday.

It represents the latest development in a spat between Vincent's family and supporters of Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, in whose home the intruder was fatally stabbed.

Last week, floral tributes to Vincent were repeatedly torn down by angry locals and put back by his family in a tense stand-off, with police attempting to keep the peace.

The positioning of the flowers outside Mr Osborn-Brooks's house, which neither he nor his wife have been able to return to, has widely been seen as an act of intimidation.

The shrine is the latest development in a tense stand-off. Credit: PA

On Sunday, around 20 women from the travelling community took to the south-east London house to erect the latest shrine.

They were escorted by five police officers who tried to stop them stapling the banners and balloons to the garden fences of homeowners.

Eventually the tributes were attached to the street sign itself and a lamppost.

A 37-year-old woman, who didn't want to be named, said: "We're here because it's his birthday, we just want to lay flowers. We don't want to cause any violence."

She added: "We're not all criminals. We don't all do wrong."

Mr Osborn-Brooks and his wife are said to be staying at a safe house for the time being.

Richard Osborn-Brooks has been unable to return to his home. Credit: PA