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'Denial is no good' - MP Luciana Berger's stirring anti-Semitism speech gets applause in the Commons

A Labour MP earned herself applause in the House of Commons after delivering a stirring speech calling for the eradication of anti-Semitism.

Luciana Berger called on the Labour leadership to expel those with anti-Semitic views and recalled years of personal abuse suffered by both her and her family.

Ms Berger also criticised those who attacked her and other MPs for speaking out about anti-Semitism but claim to be both party members and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Liverpool Wavertree representative was one of a number of MPs to debate the issue of anti-Semitism in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

It comes after Labour found itself in a growing row over alleged anti-Semitism within the party in recent weeks.

The anti-Semitism row has engulfed the Labour Party in recent weeks. Credit: PA

Ms Berger said people had accused her of being a "paid-up Israeli operative", a traitor, an "absolute parasite", and told her to "get out of the country and go back to Israel".

She said the "hurt and anguish" of the Jewish community must be understood and taken seriously, adding the Government must conclude its work on how to better protect everyone online.

Ms Berger also said: "My party urgently needs to address this issue publicly and consistently. We need to expel those people from our ranks that hold these views - including Ken Livingstone.

"We have a duty to the next generation. Denial is not an option.

"Prevarication is not an option. Being a bystander who turns the other way is not an option. The time for action is now. Enough really is enough."

At least one MP was seen to be in tears after the speech, while Ms Berger was also afforded a lengthy round of applause by listeners.