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At least 57 killed in Islamic State suicide bomb at voter registration centre in Kabul

A woman outside a hospital after she lost her son in a suicide attack on a voter registration centre in Kabul, Credit: AP

At least 57 people have been killed and over a 100 injured in a suicide bomb blast at a voter registration centre in Kabul.

The large explosion was felt across the Afghan capital, shattering windows miles away from the attack site and damaging several nearby vehicles.

Among the dead are five small children, a figure that may rise given the dozens that were injured.

Public Health Ministry spokesman Wahid Majro said 119 people were wounded in the blast.

So-called Islamic State said they were behind the attack that targeted people receiving their national identification cards.

Identification papers outside the registration centre that was targeted by IS on Sunday. Credit: AP

Afghanistan are set to hold parliamentary elections in October.

Last week, three police officers responsible for guarding voter registration centres in two Afghan provinces were killed by militants, according to authorities.

Afghan security forces have struggled to prevent attacks by IS as well as the more established Taliban since the US and Nato ended their combat mission at the end of 2014.

Both groups regularly launch attacks, with the Taliban usually targeting the government and security forces, and IS targeting the country's Shiite minority.

The Taliban and IS want to establish a harsh form of Islamic rule in Afghanistan, and are opposed to democratic elections.