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Bromance in the White House as Donald Trump wipes away Emmanuel Macron's dandruff

Donald Trump praised the strength of his country's friendship with France as he welcomed French president to Washington in the first state visit of a foreign leader to the US of the Trump presidency.

And in a show of the "very special relationship" between the countries, Donald Trump wiped away what he said was a "little piece of dandruff" from Emmanuel Macron's shoulder in front of the press in the White House.

"We have to make him perfect, he is perfect," the US president told reporters.

Earlier he thanked the French leader for his "steadfast partnership" during the recent missile strike in response to the chemical attack in Syria.

Macron told Mr Trump that together the US and France would defeat terrorism, curtail weapons of mass destruction in North Korea and Iran and act together on behalf of the planet, a reference to Macron's work to revive a US role in the Paris climate accord.

"History is calling us. It is urging our people to find the fortitude that has guided us in the most difficult of times," Macron said. "France and with it, Europe, and the United States have an appointment with history."