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'Power and success' - what the Millicent Fawcett statue means to British people

  • By ITV News Multimedia News Producer Nitya Rajan

A statue of suffragist Millicent Fawcett has become the first female figure to occupy a plinth in Parliament Square.

Among the hundreds gathered to mark the momentous occasion was 10-year-old Bay Loehnis, Fawcett's great-great-great niece.

ITV News spoke to her along with other members of the British public about what the statue means to them.

  • Bay Loehnis, 10
10-year-old Bay Loehnis stood alongside Jennifer Loehnis as the statue of their relative was unveiled. Credit: ITV News

Descendant of Fawcett, Bay Loehnis, stood among the crowds gathered in central London to watch the unveiling of the Millicent Fawcett statue.

She told ITV News what it represents for other 10-year-old girls and the future they face.

"Girls my age should go for their beliefs and stand up," she said.

  • Chung
Credit: ITV News

Chung attends a local school in the Westminster borough

He said the statue "means for a better society where both men and women are equal."

  • Grace, 15

Grace, 15, stood alongside her school mates, waiting for the historic unveiling.

When asked what the statue represented to her, she said: "Our gender does not set us back."

  • Rachel

Rachel recognises the fight for equality is far from over and believes the latest addition to Parliament Square is a call to action.

"It makes us to press on as women," she told ITV News.

  • Jonathan, 60
Credit: ITV News

Jonathan, 60, said it was about time a female figure took her place alongside the male statues that guard Westminster.

"Another step towards equality, it’s about time," he remarked.