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UN-EU fail to reach aid target designed to help millions of desperate Syrians

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers

With the conflict in Syria into its eighth bloody year and human suffering worsening by the day, the United Nations and partners made an appeal for additional aid for the region.

The UK Government promised to give an extra quarter of a billion pounds on Wednesday as part of a global aid package of more than three billion.

However, the Brussels II summit, which was jointly organised by the European Union and United Nations, raised £3.2bn – just over half of what the UN said was needed to support refugees from the war-torn country.

The UN currently estimates that 13 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian help.

The conflict in Syria has reached its eighth year. Credit: PA

The shortfall prompted UN agencies to say some programmes may need to be cut.

UN’s humanitarian chief, Mark Lowcock, said the money was "a good start" as he thanked the EU, Germany and Britain for their contributions but stressed more needed to be done.

"We would have liked our appeal to be fully funded. We are talking about a vast sum of money and there is a lot of pressure on the financiers," he said.

The money raised so far is significantly lower than the sums donated at a similar conference last year.

The bulk of the money raised at the conference itself came from Germany, the EU, and the UK.

Britain also offered to help train doctors in the region, so they were better equipped to deal with trauma.

The UN estimates that more than five million Syrians have fled the nation, taking their chances as refugees, with another six million leaving their homes in search of a safe haven elsewhere within the country.