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Remember Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks ? ITV bring backs wrestling with a show made in Norwich

Anyone under the age of 40 probably won't have a clue who Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks are.

But for the rest of us Saturday afternoons in the 1970s and 80s were all about booing and cheering at the telly while those gargantuan wrestlers and other icons like them tried to flatten each other.

Well now ITV is bringing the hugely popular show back. What's more it's being made in our region.

Back in the 70s and 80s, just before the Saturday football results, World Of Sport Wrestling would have the whole family shouting at the telly. And now decades on it's a new generation of professional wrestlers who we will be booing and cheering .

"WOS Wrestling is going to be a programme for everyone who remembers watching it with their grandparents or parents from back in the day but also a whole new generation of wrestling fans and it's really going to be a programme for the whole family."

– Tom McLennan, Creative Director, ITV Studios Entertainment
One of today's wrestling stars Credit: ITV Sport

ITV have commissioned a ten-part series which is being made in Norwich at the Epic TV studios. It will be recorded in front of a live audience and fans will get to see some of the finest professional wrestlers compete in various bouts for the coveted WOS Wrestling Championship belt.

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"It's incredible news for Norwich - not just Epic TV and the staff here who've worked incredibly hard to get this but Norwich in general, British wrestling, Norwich TV production. ITV have shown faith in us that we can pull off the biggest show ITV are going to produce this year and the biggest thing Norwich has seen in television for 25 years."

– Jonathan Thursby, Owner of Epic Studios

Free audience tickets are available here