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Thousands of women continue street protests over Pamplona rape case verdict

Masked women shout slogans in Pamplona.(Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

Tens of thousands of people have marched in northern Spain for a third consecutive day to protest against the acquittal of five men on gang rape charges.

Women hold up a sign reading in basque ”our word”. (Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

Thousands of women have shared their experiences of abuse on Twitter under the hashtag #cuentalo, Spanish for #tellit.

Thousands of people at Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona. (Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

Local police in Pamplona estimated the size of the crowd at Saturday’s march was 35,000.

People paint plastic bags during the protest. (Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

An 18-year-old woman was attacked during the city’s famous San Fermin bull-running festival in 2016.

A sign painted with the faces of ”La Manada” or Pack Leader, reading, ”Male violator to the crusher”. (Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

The five men – whose members named their WhatsApp group “The Pack” – were convicted on Thursday of a lesser charge of sexual abuse.

The mass protests have been going on for days. (Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

They were sentenced to nine years each in prison. Lawyers have said the victim is going to appeal.

A woman shouts slogans in front of the Regional Court as a demonstrator holds a sign reading, ''Nine years are a shit and we're not going to stop'' during a protest in front of the Regional Court in Pamplona, northern Spain. Credit: PA

The Spanish government has announced plans to convene discussions on possible legal reforms.