Ukip leader slams post-Brexit preferential immigration system for EU migrants as 'racist'

Gerard Batten called for a 'fair system for anybody in the world' (Joe GiddensPA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Ukip leader Gerard Batten has suggested it could be considered “racist” for Sadiq Khan to say European Union migrants should be given preferential treatment after Brexit.

The London mayor said he would “absolutely” support the Prime Minister if she gave preferential immigration rights to EU citizens, but Mr Batten called for a “fair system for anybody in the world”.

Following Mr Khan’s interview on ITV’s Peston On Sunday, Mr Batten told the same programme that the former Labour MP had made the point that he wants to see a “preferential scheme for EU citizens over other migrants”.

“Well most of the people who live in the EU are probably white, the majority of them.

“So isn’t that racist to say you’d have an immigration system where you prefer people from the European Union rather than have a fair system?”

Mr Batten added: “I want a fair system for anybody in the world who wants to come.”