Charlie Gard's parents say Alfie Evans' family should be ‘proud of their son’

Charlie Gard (left) and Alfie Evans (right) Credit: PA

The parents of Charlie Gard have told ITV News that Alfie Evans’s family to be “proud of their son” after he passed away on Saturday.

Alfie suffered with a terminal degenerative neurological condition and was at the centre of a legal battle over his treatment.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates endured a similar experience last year when they lost their legal battle to take their terminally ill baby Charlie to the United States for experimental treatment.

Mr Gard said: “They should be proud of their son – just as I am of Charlie. Thousands of people around the world have been engaged in Charlie’s and Alfie’s story and people have fallen in love with the two boys and they’ve not even met them.

“You can only imagine us as parents how much we love them – so just be proud.”

Ms Yates said: “It will be very hard for them at the moment and hard to think they could ever smile again but they will and especially when they look back at memories of Alfie – they will never forget him.”

Charlie’s parents want a ‘Charlie’s Law’ to prevent cases like these whereby an “independent mediator” is used to come to an agreement between hospitals and families.

Mr Gard said: “What we’re proposing… is something that works for everyone.”

“As long as what you’re proposing does not cause your child significant harm then the parents should have that right to have the opportunity.”