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Huge sinkhole opens up in the middle of New Zealand farm

A farm manager has been left baffled after a giant sinkhole appeared on his land in New Zealand.

Colin Tremain couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a 200 metre long and 20 metre deep gaping hole in the ground on his farm.

"He (a colleague) told me it was 20 metres long and four metres deep. It wasn't until I came down in daylight that I actually saw just how big it was," he said.

Volcanologist Brad Scott of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Science said sinkholes of this size are certainly not common in New Zealand.

"The largest I've seen prior to this would be about a third of the size of this, so this is really big".

Mr Scott added that it was likely caused by up to 100 years worth of rain.

He added, "The high-intensity rainfall that we experienced on the weekend just accelerates the process."