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Care home launches appeal for friends of resident who died without any living relatives

A care home has launched a unique appeal to find friends of one of its best loved residents who passed away without any living relatives.

Daisy Staines, who outlived her husband and three brothers, died aged 104 at her care home last month, but her dementia meant she couldn't tell carers if she had any friends.

Now they're launching an appeal to trace anyone who might have known the avid ballroom dancer and are asking them to pay their respects at her funeral.

Mrs Staines, who never had any children, is the latest in a growing number of people who die without any known living relatives.

Research by Sheffield Hallam University has shown that 2% of over 65s die without any family and by 2030, two million people will be over 65 without adult children.

Daisy was very popular at her care home in Harlow, Essex. Credit: ITV News

Daisy loved to be centre of attention at her care home, but in typical pensioner fashion staff say that if she was still alive she'd be surprised by all the fuss.

Care home manager Clare O'Neill said: "I think Daisy would be 'oh don't put me in the spotlight', although she loved the ballroom dancing, she loved to be in the spotlight.

"But I thought she would have been quite 'oh don't worry dear, it's okay, I'm okay on my own."

She added: "It's just nice to have people come together for a funeral, there's nothing worse in this game than sending someone off alone."

Daisy and her husband Fred doing what she enjoyed most, dancing. Credit: ITV News

Despite having dementia, Daisy, who lived through two world wars, never forgot how to dance and could be found grooving to 1950s music well into her 100s.

"Always kinds of old fashioned, war-time songs, she used to love those, sometimes when I'd put the 50s and 60s on we used to sit there and have a little bit of a twirl," said carer Alison Armstrong.

She added: "She didn't have anyone to come in and see her and she didn't have anybody on special days to come and see her. It was quite sad in a way because she was so lovely."

Daisy's funeral is taking place in Harlow, Essex next Friday and anyone who wishes to pay respects should contact staff at Ashlyn Care Centre in the town.