Ryan Reynolds apologises to David Beckham for mocking his accent in Deadpool

It's been a simmering showbiz feud - but Ryan Reynolds has finally said sorry to David Beckham for mocking his accent in Deadpool.

The movie star's maverick superhero character suggested the footballer sounded like he had been inhaling helium in the hit 2016 film.

Now he has posted a video on Twitter today showing him making a special journey to Beckham's house to heal the rift.

Beckham proved himself a good sport with the viral clip, which opens with him sitting at home alone watching the offending scene on repeat.

He's disturbed by a knock at the door as Reynolds turns up to say sorry...in suitably dramatic style.

But the footballer gets his own back by insisting that its his record of role choices that Reynolds needs to say sorry for.

The video has been watched over two million times. It was also shared on Instagram by Beckham, who captioned it "Meeting with an old friend…@vancityreynolds #Deadpool2".