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Show-stealing appearances by royal bridesmaids and pageboys

Grace van Cutsem on the palace balcony at William and Kate's wedding. Photo: PA

With the royal wedding just days away, Princess Charlotte and Prince George will be getting ready to be a bridesmaid and a pageboy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday.

While they are preparing for these important roles, we have been looking back at the times where young helpers have stolen the show on the big day.

Over the years bridesmaids and pageboys seem to have had a habit of getting up to mischief while the world has been watching.

At the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011, little Grace van Cutsem was captured putting her hands over her ears and frowning because of the noise – just at the moment the couple kissed on the palace balcony – creating one of the best pictures of the day.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton kiss on the balcony as Grace van Cutsem covers her ears. Credit: PA

On Saturday it will be Grace's cousin Florence Van Cutsem's turn to help the bride. Florence, who is Prince Harry's goddaughter, will be walking down the aisle as one of Meghan's bridesmaids at Windsor Castle.

When Pippa Middleton married James Matthews in May last year, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were among the bridesmaids and pageboys.

Kate had to ‘sssh’ the gaggle of helpers after they made too much noise, and one pageboy was pictured appearing to flick two fingers up to the cameras along with sticking his tongue out.

Kate tells the young helpers to be quiet at Pippa's wedding. Credit: PA
One of the pageboys at Pippa's wedding appears to misbehave. Credit: PA

George also seemed tearful after the service when he appeared to receive a telling off from his mother.

In 1986, Prince William fidgeted, yawned, poked out his tongue and pulled faces at the bridesmaids at the Duke of York’s wedding to Sarah Ferguson.

Dressed in a straw boater and a sailor outfit – a nod to Andrew’s naval career – the young prince was just four years old.

A yawn from Prince William during the wedding ceremony of Sarah Ferguson and the Duke of York at Westminster Abbey. Credit: PA

The royal pageboy was described by David Dimbleby, who provided commentary on the live televised service, as looking “rather doubtful and rather cross” as he held his cousin Laura Fellowes’ hand as they walked up the aisle in Westminster Abbey.

Prince William later rolled his order of service into a trumpet, scratched his head, covered his face with his fingers and poked out his tongue at Laura. He also left the abbey with his sailor hat almost falling off.

William scratching his head at the Duke of York's wedding. Credit: PA
Six year-old Laura Fellowes points at her cousin Prince William at the Duke of York's wedding. Credit: PA

According to royal author Penny Junor, the event was a turning point for the Queen, who had been concerned about William’s lack of boundaries.

“He became so noisy, cheeky and unruly that the Queen, who was a loving grandmother, let it be known his behaviour was not acceptable,” Junor wrote.

Junor described William’s actions at the wedding as the “final straw”.

William went on to choose Laura Fellowes as one of Princess Charlotte’s godmothers in 2015.

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