Emotional Prince Harry in tears as he talks about love in groom's speech

After an emotional day which was played out in front of the eyes of the world, it was perhaps not at all surprising that Prince Harry shed a few tears at the reception this afternoon.

After all, he’d just married his American girlfriend in the historic St George’s Chapel and then processed in a carriage with Meghan, the new Duchess of Sussex, through the town of Windsor in front of 100,000 people.

The tears came during the groom’s speech to the 650 guests who had assembled in St George’s Hall inside Windsor Castle.

Harry, at a small lectern, was talking about his new bride and the moment he spoke about love, he became very emotional.

And, as often happens at weddings, that set off a run of tears on the faces of others in the room.

In particular, his new mother-in-law Doria Ragland.

And what a week she’s had: leave home in Los Angeles, meet the Queen, help your daughter into her wedding dress, watch her being escorted down the aisle by the heir to the British throne.

Harry's new mother-in-law Doria Ragland was among those in tears. Credit: AP

Little wonder then, that she was also moved to tears by her new son-in-law’s words.

Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex, spoke after a personal address from his father Prince Charles, who told the guests about how he used to try to change Harry’s nappies (diapers if you’re reading this in the US), feed him his bottle of milk and trying to wind him.

“I’ve been trying to wind him ever since,” the Prince joked in what was perhaps a nod to Harry’s wilder days when he was in the news for less than happy reasons.

There were lots of warm exchanges between father and son as Harry’s repeatedly said “thanks Pa” when his father made jokes at his expense.

The reception – where the guests stood and ate canapes and bowl food and drank Pol Roger champagne – took place straight after the service in the chapel.

Harry and Meghan returned in their Ascot Landau carriage and had time with their photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

Some of those official photos should be made available early next week.

After his speech Harry said: “Is there anyone in the room who can play piano?”

It was the cue for Elton John – a long-time friend of Harry’s mother Princess Diana - to entertain the guests.

He played three songs: Our Song, Tiny Dancer and I’m Still Standing.

Meghan Markle is due to speak at the evening reception – which the newlyweds headed off to at seven o’clock after a change of clothes.

Fewer guests, around 200, are invited to tonight’s event, which is being hosted for his son and daughter-in-law by the Prince of Wales.