Girl, 12, caught up in Manchester terror attack attends royal wedding and gets a hug from David Beckham

A year ago 12-year-old Amelia Thompson witnessed the horrific Manchester Arena terror attack. Today she attended the biggest social event of the year - Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan's wedding.

Amelia, who said she was "speechless" to find out she was invited to the royal wedding, said the highlight of her day was receiving a hug from David Beckham.

Attending the royal wedding was a daunting experience for Amelia as she confronted a crowded public event for the first time since the attack.

But she was in good company, flanked by her mum, Lisa Newton, and Sharon Goodman, whose 15-year-old granddaughter Olivia Campbell-Hardy was killed in the attack.

Amelia, who had been looking forward to wearing a dress for the wedding, said it was exciting to pretend to be posh for the day.

She said: "It makes you feel special and that everyone should be treated equal and have this opportunity.

"No matter how posh or famous you are you should still get an opportunity to do stuff like this."

Mum Lisa explained how it had been "hard" preparing to attend the busy wedding but said it was worth it for an "amazing day".

"It has been hard, you know, she has had a few wobbles, like myself, but you've just got to do it. It has been an amazing day," she said.

Amelia and her mum escaped from the Manchester Arena physically uninjured, but were left deeply traumatised by the events.

Amelia is still receiving counselling and had speech therapy after damaging her vocal chords by screaming in terror during the attack.

The anniversary of the Manchester attack is on Tuesday (May 22). Credit: PA

The concert was supposed to have been a treat for Amelia following a tough few years in which she lost her uncle Haydn, and faced the agony of seeing her dad, Wayne, end up in intensive care after suffering two heart attacks.

Lisa nominated her daughter for a wedding invite because of the difficulties she overcame following the terror attack and when Amelia found out, she couldn't believe it.

"I was speechless, I could not respond I was so excited," Amelia said.

Amelia's mum Lisa nominated her for a wedding invite because of the tough year she has endured following the attack. Credit: PA

After the wedding, when asked what the best part of the day was, Amelia replied: "Getting a selfie with David Beckham and seeing the horse and carriage go past."

Football superstar Beckham, who was joined by wife Victoria and a whole host of celebrity A-listers, broke away from Posh Spice to pose for a quick photo with Amelia.