Meghan Markle's royal wedding dress designer Clare Waight Keller 'privileged' to have been asked

The dress was a closely guarded secret. Credit: PA

The designer who created Meghan Markle's wedding dress said she was "truly privileged" and "flattered" to have been asked.

Clare Waight Keller continued it was an "enormous honour" to have been given one of fashion's most coveted jobs ahead of the royal wedding.

She added that the "momentous" task left her feeling "enormously proud" when Meghan "looked absolutely stunning and radiant" on her wedding day.

The designer revealed that following the ceremony, Prince Harry told her that he thought his new wife "looked incredible".

Ms Waight Keller added that it was "an extraordinary thing to observe the whole ceremony" and see the "love in their eyes during the ceremony, it was just the most beautiful, poetic moment.

"I'm so proud to have been part of it."

Ms Waight Keller said she wanted the designed to capture Meghan's 'modern, fresh' style. Credit: Pool

Givenchy's Artistic Director said that when she was approached with the commission in January, the now Duchess of Sussex already "had an idea of what she wanted" and the pair "worked very closely together".

The 47-year-old said she wanted to capture the former actress' "modern, fresh" style in the dress, but also make her "feel absolutely incredible in the dress and also I wanted her to feel like it was absolutely right for the occasion".

Explaining the veil, Ms Waight Keller said that the Duchess saw much of her future royal work connected to the Commonwealth, and so she wanted to display this in some way, coming up with the idea of embroidering flowers from the different countries along the edge.

"A lot of the work she's probably going to do in the future will be connection to the Commonwealth, and so that was something I really thought could be quite compelling...

"Wouldn't it be amazing if we took the 53 countries of the Commonwealth and embroidered some flora and fauna from each one of those so they would each go up the aisle, that journey up the aisle with her, it's just a wonderful embracing aspect of the whole ceremony."

The flora and fauna of the different Commonwealth countries were displayed on the veil. Credit: Pool

She continued that the Duchess was "really thrilled" with the concept of having the different countries "walking with her during the ceremony" and told her "I love the idea of that".

Asked how she ensured any details about the dress were such a well-kept secret, Ms Waight Keller refused to give any details, but said the gown was created by a small team of ateliers in Paris.

She continued that she wanted the bridesmaids' dresses to echo the simplicity of bride's dress, and also capture their "innocence and purity".

She added she was amazed at how "well behaved they were" on the day, adding that they all "so thoroughly enjoyed it".