Lord Mandelson considers tying the knot after Royal Wedding inspiration

Lord Mandelson Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Harry and Meghan’s wedding has inspired Labour’s Peter Mandelson to consider marrying his long-term partner.

The Labour peer said the happy occasion had made him wonder whether it was time to tie the knot with his partner after 20 years of living together.

Lord Mandelson has previously shrugged off questions over whether he would formalise his relationship with Reinaldo Avila da Silva.

But he told Peston on Sunday: “People all over the country are going to feel inspired, they are all going to want to run out and get married now.

“Even I am now wondering whether I should finally tie the knot with my partner after 20 years of living together.

“I’m now thinking about it. We need a discussion about this.”

Lord Mandelson later suggested he had “almost gone further” than he should have done and insisted it was not a “unilateral decision”.

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock urged the peer to look into the camera and make a proposal on live television.

But Lord Mandelson suggested it was time to press on with interviewing the Cabinet minister.

Lord Mandelson said the wedding showed the princes were “well brought up boys” and they had “married well”.

“The whole thing was completely sparkling. It was brilliant.

“I think that Harry and Meghan, but also William and Kate, are a complete credit to their family and to the job they are doing.

“And, I think they have probably secured the royal family and the monarchy for a long time to come.”