1. ITV Report

High pressure throughout this week

High pressure will help keep conditions relatively quiet through the course of this week, although it’ll also be a contributing factor to a cooler easterly breeze developing, bringing cloudier skies and colder temperatures to the North Sea coast.

Much like today the next few days there’ll be plenty of sunshine, a few showers - some thundery - and warm temperatures inland.

On Monday night, the showers across England and Wales will die off, however overnight we’re likely to see a few more creeping into the southeast of England. Scotland and Northern Ireland will become drier as Monday’s weather system dies out.

During Tuesday there’s still the chance of some showers outbreaks, but there’ll also be plenty of fine warm weather across much of Britain, although northwestern areas will always be that bit cloudier. Temperatures will be warmest in the south, however on the east coast it’ll feel cool in the onshore breeze. Highs of 24C.