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Amanda Holden on how 'incredible' NHS staff got her through the agony of her stillbirth

Amanda Holden appears on ITV Tonight's special report on the NHS at 70: NHS Saved My Life Credit: ITV Tonight

Amanda Holden has told ITV about the moment she tragically lost her baby - and how NHS staff were there not only for her stillbirth, but again when she almost died.

The Britain's Got Talent judge spoke to ITV's Tonight programme paying tribute to the health service as it approaches its 70th anniversary.

With her record producer husband Chris Hughes by her side, their little boy Theo was stillborn.

“I just remember hearing this woman just screaming and screaming and screaming and then it was actually—it was me."

– Amanda Holden

“He just looked so normal and so peaceful,” she cried.

“I was still his mummy. So I held him in my arms and I said goodbye,” she said.

The 47-year-old said she only got through it with the support of NHS staff at West Middlesex Hospital, London.

Amanda is one of a series of people paying tribute to the NHS for ITV Tonight Credit: ITV

“But, I couldn't have done it without the incredible [NHS] team around us and, you know, my husband obviously was so strong and so amazing but they got him through it too... I knew in order to carry on and live life, I had to have a baby and I was lucky enough to have the choice and be able to have another one.”

– Amanda Holden

In 2012, she was delighted to be expecting again, but eight months into the pregnancy she went into labour

Holden was rushed into theatre: “They delivered Hollie and we heard her cry and Chris was like, 'She's beautiful, she's amazing,' and then all of sudden, my husband said he looked down and he was ankle deep in my blood.”

Critically ill, the actress suffered a major haemorrhage and lost several pints of blood, until NHS surgeons at the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital managed to stop the bleed.

She remembered the kindness of one nurse when she awoke from a coma after three days.

An emotional Amanda Holden talks about the kindness she felt from NHS staff during difficult times Credit: ITV/Tonight

“I looked like death and I just remember silently crying because she was trying to brush the knots out of my hair...I just sat there and, you know, just sobbing that someone was that tender, that loving, towards a complete stranger.”

– Amanda Holden

Because of the life saving treatment she received on the NHS she wanted to show her appreciation.

“I'll literally do anything for the National Health because they got me through it; they got Chris through it,” she insisted.

“I now thankfully have two healthy girls and a little boy who is still part of the family but just not here.”

As the NHS turns 70, Tonight celebrates some of its ‘miracles’ through the eyes of patients who owe their lives to our national health service.

Their amazing stories range from revolutionary transplants and pioneering cancer treatments - to life saving emergency surgery.

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