Daring athletes attempt high-wire crossing over gorge while wearing high heels

Walking out on a high-wire just 2.5cm wide and strung 1,300 meters above the ground might seem a daunting prospect.

But a contest seeks to make it just that bit harder...by attempting it in high heels.

Three top female athletes attempted the nail-biting slackline challenge in front of gripped spectators watching from the cliffside.

Mimi Guesdon from France, Mia Noblet from Canada and Faith Dickey from the US, all internationally famous female slackliners in their own right, gathered in China's Hunan province for the contest.

Each had three chances to make it 55 metres across the line without falling down - all while wearing five-inch heels.

The slim web line was suspended 1,300 metres in the air. Credit: CCTV

Slacklining is a tough sport even without extra handicaps - competitors cannot use balancing devices and the webbing line is kept slack to make it harder to balance.

Canadian slackliner Mia Noblet succeeded on her first try, walking steadily and unaffected by the wind and drizzle. She was able to finish in 22 minutes 36 seconds.

Competitors were cheered on from the cliffside. Credit: CCTV

Mimi Guesdon from France failed in her first try, but was made it across in 9 minutes 24 seconds on a second attempt.

However the US competitor Faith Dickey failed to cross on all three of her attempts.

A beaming Mimi Guesdon was declared the champion.