Magid Magid's 'crazy' journey from Somali refugee to Sheffield's first Muslim Lord Mayor

Magid Magid's journey from Somali child refugee to Lord Mayor of Sheffield is one he himself can scarcely believe - and all by the age of 28.

Green Councillor Magid describes his journey as "completely crazy", considering he arrived in the UK not knowing a word of English.

As Sheffield's first Green, Muslim and youngest-elected Lord Mayor, Magid has already broken the mould in so many ways.

As part of ITV News' new digital series Young, British and Muslim, hosted by Rageh Omaar, we asked Magid about his life so far.

  • How was it growing up in a foreign country?

"I was a child, and honestly, I did what other kids do, I played, I didn't have any barriers," he says.

"I didn't speak much English, but for people like my mother, she would say a completely different story.

"At a young age, I remember having to translate and take up more responsibilities for my mum, but it was a lot of happy memories for me as a child."

  • And where did the political journey start?

"It was late 2014, the rise of UKIP - a lot of rhetoric and fear - and I thought, instead of moaning, that I should get involved," he says.

"If you don't get politics, then politics gets you.

"I started reading, researching on the internet, and came across the Green Party.

"Their morals and principles were great, you knew what they stood for."

He adds that it is now important for him to engage other young, British Muslims in politics.

"Representation is so important, for people to see someone they can relate to or has a similar background to them," Magid says.

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