All you need to know about ITV2 hit Love Island

The smash reality hit of the summer, Love Island, returns breaking all ITV2 rating records as the nation is once again gripped by the escapades of 11 easy-on-the-eye single people let loose on a sunny island for five weeks.

But what is it about the reality show that has got everyone hooked?

  • What is Love Island?

The girls enter the 2018 Love Island villa. Credit: ITV

For those of you who have been marooned on your own desert island for the past 12 months, Love Island is Blind Date meets Big Brother with added bikinis.

Eleven attractive singletons are taken to sunny Mallorca and placed under constant surveillance, their blazing rows, hook-ups, troubled love affairs and bizarre catchphrases all caught on camera.

But it's not all fun, there is a game to be played. To survive in the luxury villa the Islanders must couple up with another contestant, whether it be for love, friendship or just for the prize money of £50,000.

Sounds easy, right? But while someone might catch their eye on day one, Islanders are constantly forced to re-couple throughout the series leading to some deliciously awkward love triangles and uncomfortable snubs.

  • Who are this year's islanders?

Islander Kendall makes a low-key entrance in Mallorca. Credit: ITV

To add a little spice to the mix, there are an odd number of contestants - six boys and just five girls. Let's meet them:

Wes Nelson, 20, electrical and nuclear systems design engineer, Staffordshire

Niall Aslam, 23, student and construction worker, Coventry

Islander Niall Aslam. Credit: ITV

Eyal Booker, 22, model, actor, former popstar, London

Adam Collard, 22, personal trainer and gym director, Newcastle

Adam Collard. Credit: ITV

Jack Fincham, 26, stationary sales manager, Kent

Dr Alex George, 27, A&E doctor, West Wales

The Islanders take part in the first challenge of the series: excess baggage. Credit: ITV

Laura Anderson, 29, a member of cabin crew, from Stirling

Dani Dyer, 21, barmaid, daughter of Danny Dyer, East London

Laura Anderson has swapped Stirling for sunny Spain. Credit: ITV

Hayley Hughes, 21,model, Liverpool

Kendall Rae-Knight, 26, retail manager, Blackpool

Samira Mighty, 22, West End performer, London

  • Any brewing romance?

We are only a few episodes in, so it's early days for our sizzling singletons, but Laura seemed pretty smitten with Adam and his abs in the first episode.

But Love Island is strewn with broken hearts and dashed dreams, and by the end of episode two, Adam had stolen Kendall from Niall and the newly-paired up couple ended their romantic dinner date with a smooch.

Adam gives Kendall a kiss after choosing her to couple up with. Credit: ITV
  • Any awkward moments so far?

That bit when our dashing A&E doc Alex goes in for a kiss with Hayley during the naughty first challenge had many toes curling.

  • Who's presenting this year?

Like last year, it's Caroline Flack steering the good ship Love Island

Caroline Flack is at the helm presenting Love Island on ITV2. Credit: ITV
  • What happened to last year's contestants?

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay and their adorable bromance, which lasted longer than most of the other relationships from last year's show, will be back on our screens soon with their own reality show on ITV2. You vs. Chris and Kem will see the pair travelling across the UK in a pimped up 'Bro Mobile'.

The pair released a single shortly after leaving the villa called 'A Little Bit Leave It', a phrase Kem dreamt up that no one really knows what it means. Even Kem.

Kem and Amber romped in as winners of Love Island 2017. Credit: ITV

Jonny Mitchell took part in Celebrity Big Brother, while Mike will be joining the cast of Celebs go Dating.

Chyna Ellis signed up for Ibiza while Sam Gowland joined Geordie Shore.

Kem won the series with Amber Davies but the romance didn't last long long after the cameras stopped rolling. But Amber isn't doing too badly, reportedly earning £5,000 an hour for personnel appearances, which is pittance compared to fellow contestant Olivia Attwood who allegedly commands £10,000 an hour.

Kem and Chris will be back soon. Credit: Twitter