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Samantha Cameron admits that she hated waving to crowds when husband David was Prime Minister

In recent years, it has become almost compulsory for the spouses of political leaders to address the public and press with a courteous wave.

Samantha Cameron, however, was not such a fan of this expectation.

Speaking to The Times, she said that she found the whole concept of waving to crowds "bizarre".

Though she often accompanied her husband on state visits and had enjoyed meeting some "amazing people," she admitted she simply didn't enjoy that particular aspect of her time at Downing Street.

She said: "It's not like we are the royal family. I was terrible at it."

Mrs Cameron added: "We had to stand next to the Obamas in Washington once and I tried to say 'can we not do the waving thing'?

"And it is going quite well and then of course Obama starts waving and Dave starts waving and so."

Since her time at No. 10, Mrs Cameron has focused on running her own fashion line, Cefinn.