Actress Olivia Munn has encouraged those facing sexual harassment to "name names".

The "X-Men" and "The Newsroom" star insisted that the only thing that will improve sexual misconduct in Hollywood is if those guilty are ousted from the industry and no longer given work.

She added that the #MeToo movement isn't just about wearing a pin or tweeting, but that action must be taken to end sexual violence.

"Naming names is so important, it's not enough to say 'this anonymous person did this to me, #MeToo," the 37-year-old said.

"You have to name a name so that other people known and that we can get that person out of that position and there can be consequences, and they can't be hurting people anymore."

She added: "The only reason why we are in this moment right now, is because of the people who have been brave enough to come forward to say a name."

Speaking on other recent cases, she said celebrities that had come forward should not work with their accused again or forgive the behaviour.

"Uma Thurman came out, talked about some really disturbing things with her and (Quentin) Tarantino," Munn said.

"Tarantino is such a talented director but what she talked about and what he admitted to was shocking and not OK on every level.

"But then recently Uma says, 'But I would work with him again if it was a great role' and you're like, 'Well, Uma, hold on.'"

"I understand on the creative level, but are we going back, are we just now shifting back to that where you get called out, 'OK, bad, bad,' slap them on the wrist and then everybody just keeps going."

Munn has been vocal about her experiences with sexual harassment in the past.

Last year, she accused film director Brett Rayner of sexual assault along with five other women.