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Grandad buys huge picture of Forth Rail Bridge despite it being a very familiar view

When Stuart Slicer returned home from a night out with a huge photograph of the Forth Rail Bridge, his wife was not too happy.

It was not that Helen Slicer had anything against the stunning 10ft x 4ft image of one of Scotland's most iconic landmarks, but the view looked very familiar.

That's because the Slicer's living room has a fantastic view of... the Forth Rail Bridge.

The view from the Slicer's living room. Credit: ITV News

Stuart told ITV News that Helen had told him to "just open the blinds and have a look outside".

His double vision was revealed when his grandson Murphy Green tweeted a video of his grandad's new purchase, which he had bought at a sportsman's dinner.

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Asked what he was thinking when he bought it, Stuart told ITV News: "I was thinking you can't get too much of the Forth Rail Bridge."

"It's iconic."

The photograph is now being auctioned off for charity.