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Grenfell floodlit green to mark one-year anniversary

Grenfell Tower in west London is illuminated in green (Jonathan Brady/PA) Photo: PA Wire/PA Images

Grenfell Tower has been floodlit green to mark a year since the devastating fire killed 72 people.

Thursday marks 12 months since a small kitchen fire in the high-rise turned into the most deadly domestic blaze since the Second World War.

The 24-storey block was illuminated on Wednesday night, the first step in a series of commemorations taking place this week.

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Twelve blocks, plus the tower, are expected to glow green in a show of solidarity across the west London skyline, while Downing Street is also to be illuminated.

The 13 buildings will be lighted from 00.54am on Thursday – the time off the first 999 call – until 5am.

For the following four evenings, they will be illuminated from 8pm until midnight.

The tower is now completely covered by white sheeting, with banners featuring the green Grenfell heart and the words “Grenfell forever in our hearts” emblazoned across the four highest floors.